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My wifes Sister Abby referred Rick (Earthworks) to us because my wife was not at all happy with the service we had at the time and we could not be happier!  After a couple of months several of our neighbors were so impressed they switched as well.  Earthworks & Co. is by far the best service in Springfield and trust me when I say we had tried most.

Dr. William Reynolds  M.D. 

The one thing that my wife and I appreciate most is the attention to detail that Earthworks & Co. provides. Other lawn service companies we had tried in the past would come and go in twenty minutes. I have been home before and seen Rick spend more than two hours pulling weeds from our flower beds. He understands that loyalty is earned and we will not use anyone but Earthworks & Co.

- Kyle Moon

Earthworks & Co. provides amazing service and  even though Rick stopped taking care of our lawn himself a couple of years ago because he gets so busy with other clients, he still stops by our home every week to make sure his employee did it correctly. I am now 81 years of age and look at Rick as a grandson and a sweet one at that.

- Mary York

My husband passed away a few years ago with Parkinson's and our lawn was his pride and joy, he would spend hours on it every weekend after working close to 100 hours a week as a Physician and I hired Rick 3 years ago to take care of everything and I know that my husband would be proud. Rick spends several hours a week making sure that all weeds are pulled and that the bushes are trimmed perfectly. The fertilizer and weed control he does keeps the grass as green as when my husband was alive, possibly greener! ( I didn't say that! )

Doris Tobler 

Contact information for these customers and many others is easily available upon request. How many companies do you know who can offer this?

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