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Awarded best Lawn Care Company in "Springfield's Best" Earthworks Lawn Service was featured in the Springfield News Leader for our unique slicing/seeding and lawn renovation techniques and is also the preferred choice of KY3 and the Springfield News Leader for lawn care advice for their viewer's and subscriber's. We can transform any unhealthy lawn into a beautiful one, guaranteed! We use only the highest quality, proprietary granular fertilizer and other products to ensure the best results. Our product is a nutrient rich blend of Phosphate, Potassium, Nitrogen, Potash and Iron, rather than Nitrogen only like most other Companies utilize! Nitrogen is the ingredient that helps to green your lawn, but that's about as far as it goes. Our blend develop's a strong root system and actually FEED'S your lawn! So this allows us to guarantee your lawn will be the thickest it has ever been and will also stay green twelve month's a year! We also use a true to the root weed killer for weed control and guarantee a forty eight hour kill! Earthworks also provides landscape consulting, tree trimming, drainage/erosion control, landscaping, retaining walls, landscape design, landscape installation and commercial lawn and landscape maintenance. Earthworks provides the best lawn care and landscaping services in the Springfield MO, Nixa MO and Ozark MO area period! We are more than happy to provide names and numbers of our long term clients for you to check for yourself. How many companies will do that?  Visit if you are looking for fertilization only.

Proudly serving Springfield, Nixa and Ozark! Please support local Business's! 

Earthworks Fertilizer = "The standard others aspire to"

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